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Hosting a one-day Practical Application of ARR 2016 conference presents Council an opportunity to highlight their position on the implementation of ARR 2016 and how this compliments existing and future policy for Council.

Conference content will cover:

  • General Application;

  • How to prepare for a Development Application and the associated reporting requirements; and

  • Development Assessment including key tips to assist Assessment Officers.


Councils that host a conference will receive an invitation for the Manager of Flood Plain Management or Development Assessment team to present a short session on the Council’s position on the implementation of ARR 2016. Please note, this is not a mandatory requirement to host a conference locally.

In return for the provision of a host venue for a Practical Application of ARR 2016 conference, Council will have the opportunity to display signage and distribute any appropriate marketing material (if available) as well as receiving complimentary delegate attendance. In order for the event to be successful we require a minimum of 10 attendees in addition to the complimentary Council staff. Therefore, we would require the venue to hold up to 30 persons.

We note that the events are being presented by Mr Gavin Fields, from Urban Environmental Solutions, and sponsored by Rocla. Rocla have identified this conference series as an opportunity to assist the greater stormwater industry by providing practical methods that will help designers and engineers to size infrastructure in accordance with the current guidelines.

Council also have an opportunity to provide a ‘small’ case study that can be analysed by Urban Environmental Solutions and presented on the day. This can be completed in any desired hydrology package supported by Council. The case study is also not mandatory, but would provide a point of local discussion and will allow for all attendees to become familiar with local data from the ARR Data Hub in a practical context.

Catering will be provided at no cost to the Host, as part of every registration for the event, including Council attendees. To minimise impacts on Council facilities we are engaging with venues nearby to the host facilities for the lunch meal. Morning and afternoon tea can be catered by a recommended supplier nearby to Council if available.


Please register your interest in being a PRACTICAL APPLICATION OF ARR 2016 Conference Host with Event Coordinator Kirsty Fields from Social Ocean on the details below.

Kirsty Fields - Social Ocean
P 07 3284 4585
M 0413 089 778

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