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Practical Application of ARR16

Practical Application of ARR2016

This one-day conference will present attendees with a step by step process to apply the updated requirements from ARR 2016 for both rural and urban catchments.

The course will cover multiple software to ensure attendees have options to generate the output for inclusion in a flood study or stormwater management plan. Example programs to be discussed include:



  • WBNM

  • 12d

Additionally, content will include how to assess a storm water management plan from a Council perspective, which will allow attendees to be aware of any new expectations.

Conference content will cover:

  • General Application

  • How to prepare for a Development Application and the associated reporting requirements

  • Development Assessment including key tips to assist Assessment Officers

Practical Applications of ARR16 Conference Series is presented by:

Mr Gavin Fields is Director of Urban Environmental Solutions and Senior Environmental Engineer who has a range of experience within Australia and abroad.

Gavin has 14 years experience as a consulting engineer and is a recognised expert in the area of stormwater drainage design and floodplain management.

We note that the events are being presented by Gavin Fields, from Urban Environmental Solutions, and sponsored by Rocla.

Rocla have identified this conference series as an opportunity to assist the greater stormwater industry by providing practical methods that will help designers and engineers to size infrastructure in accordance with the current guidelines.

Registrations for this Conference are now closed.

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